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What is a Virtual Physio Appointment?

Virtual physiotherapy appointments are just like in-person visits, but you have the comfort of being in your own home. By using online Zoom,  we can guide you through a full physiotherapy session.

We will have our team of physiotherapists speak with you over video call and give you a full length 1-on-1 guided session. The safety of our staff and our patients is very important to us, so having virtual physio appointments lets us keep in touch with our patients while maintaining social distance. Don’t think of it as a checkup, think of it as a video call with your family.

With live video calls, we can stay safe while giving you the treatment you need.

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What You’ll Need for Remote Physiotherapy

Our remote physiotherapy session will be over Zoom via Embodia. All you need is to sign-up and connect!

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When Will We Have Remote Virtual Sessions?

Using Embodia, we can schedule remote virtual physiotherapy sessions at any time within this time frame. Schedule the best time for you and feel free to contact us if you need to reschedule.

Monday 8:00-11:00
Tuesday 8:00-11:00
Wednesday 8:00-1:00
Saturday 9:00-4:00

Remote Physio at McKelvie Physiotherapy

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